Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Dude

The Dude here sent me an email with some digital pics from the weekend I visited him & Katherine in NYC to check out their new digs. Among the apartment shots, pictures of David Blaine in his glass aquarium in Lincoln Center, and the shots of the happy couple - there was the wonderful picture above.
A highlight of the visit, besides of course getting to see Andrew, was a celebrity spotting! Walking through Central Park I spotted Jonathan Rhys Meyers sitting on a park bench speaking to a manager-type... Andrew had no idea who he was, and apparently no one else knew who he was - he was blending well, but I noticed and shot the image below, from very far away, because I'm a wuss:
Obviously, it's a horrible picture - very grainy, but you get the point.
Johanna, are you proud of my spotting abilities??? I learned from the best...


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