Thursday, April 27, 2006

KanYe conert at UMASS

The girls and I attended a Kanye West concert at UMASS Boston last night.. tix were only $30, so we were all in. We soon found out why we got such a good deal --- the concert was held in what looked like a high school gym, there was no alcohol, there were no seats which meant we had to pack in like sardines and stand, and the opening people SUCKED. There was one cool DJ, another one who it seems had his debut as a DJ that night -- although cute, he was not very good. Then some woman wearing all white and sparkles who stank up the place.

Kanye finally made his way onto stage after we were sufficiently annoyed at everyone standing around us for either:
A. Pushing into us or leaning on us for no apparent reason
B. Whipping their ponytails into our mouths for a tasty ponytail treat ..ughh
C. or my favorite, politely saying 'excuse me' as if they were going to walk as close to the front as possible, but then stopping immediately in front of your face & succeeding in blocking what limited view you may have had

So, he's finally on, and there is much screaming & more pushing... but it's pretty cool because we're only about 15 feet away and can even see the stars he had shaved into his head a few days ago which are currently growing out, which gives him what looks like weird bald spots, but whatever -- stars in your head are cool for a few days while they last.

So the picture above is the only somewhat decent shot from my cellphone where you can make out a person -- the show was pretty good, not great at all - obviously, Gold Digger was my favorite because I'm not a 'real fan' (as kanye would point out) & I just listen to whichever songs are most popular & therefore receive a lot of radio time. That's not really the case.

I like him at first - then he started getting big, and the 'getting big' was what stopped me from being interested in him any longer. First of all, his Bush publicity stunt was retarted during the Katrina telethon... then he bitches & moans when he doesn't win a grammy, then he states that magazines should PAY HIM to be on their covers - what a dick.

He's obsessed with himself -- he had about 6 wardrobe changes last night, and came out & played the first three songs wearing this:


And stopped at least 3 or 4 songs & started over because the lights weren't right, or the beat was off, or the doors were open & letting people out -- give me a break. I'll admit he's talented, definitely. But I don't think I'll be seeing another one of his shows anytime soon.


Anonymous jason said...

Hah! A tough guy with wardrobe changes. What a putz.

6:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Allison. Stop making fun of my man Kanye. He is OFF THE HIZZLE. FO SHIZZLE.

9:35 PM


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